TreeFrog Therapeutics today joins the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine (JSRM). Already present in Japan with a local Business Development Officer – Etsuko Takanashi – the French company intends to set up a hub demonstrating its C-Stem technology in 2021 in Japan.

“I am glad the JSRM accepted our membership. Japan has been at the forefront of iPS technologies for the past decade. Japanese academics and pharmaceutical companies have pioneered iPS-derived cell therapies, and today, very promising programs are entering the clinic. The key challenge now consists in producing such therapies at a commercial scale, with low operating costs and flawless cell quality, so that they can benefit to a large number of patients. And this is exactly what we bring to our Japanese partners with the C-Stem technology: a scalable manufacturing model for allogeneic cell therapies.” Maxime Feyeux, President & CSO, TreeFrog Therapeutics.

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