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TreeFrog Therapeutics has a clear purpose, Cell Therapy for All. To achieve this purpose, TreeFrog has built an ecosystem of the best talent in stem cell biology, biophysics, bioproduction engineering and pharma development. We all work together to break down the barriers and challenges to innovate across biology and physics, to unlock the potential of cell therapy for millions.

We are continually expanding and looking for the best talents to help us go further. For a career that is full of excitement, learning and fun, read on and learn more!

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A Froggy believes in who we are and what we do

A Froggy likes to work together with other teams and share his/her discoveries & difficulties to achieve a common goal

A Froggy thrives in a framework that is not precise, where a lot remains to be built

A Froggy likes to get hands-on to contribute, help or understand.

A Froggy is a caring frog, loves conviviality and good humor

Committed to a diverse pool of Froggy talent

We know that a diverse and inclusive company brings out the best in everyone!


of our Froggies are female


of our female Froggies are scientists


countries are represented


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Since the beginning we focus on trying to make it simple. We recruit doers that are passionate about advancing cell therapies together.


Our purpose “Cell Therapy for all” means that our business is about being entrusted by a large array of stakeholders.
Maintaining a culture of trust is therefore a priority for us.


We have introduced a breakthrough technology for cell therapy development and we intend to remain at the forefront.
We dare to go forth with new ideas, push the limits and sustain great ambitions.


Our commitment is to bring effective, safe cell therapies to millions of patients.
Our responsibility is to bring as fast as possible novel cell therapies to the market and ensure best-in-class quality.


We believe working together should make us happier and more fulfilled human beings.
It means adapting to each one’s definition of pleasure and happiness, and communicating joy in any way we can.

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