TreeFrog Therapeutics is a stem cell company that will enable millions of patients to access the medical revolution of cell therapies.

We have developed C-STEMTM :  a proprietary technology for the mass-production of cell therapies.

Our offer

Cell therapy pipeline

A series of proprietary cell therapy programs for co-development or licensing

C-Stem™ platform

A cGMP-compatible mass-production platform for cell therapies

Latest news

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  • TreeFrog Therapeutics’ CEO/CTO, Kevin Alessandri is spending a week in Boston (Novembre 4-9) as part of the New Technology Venture Accelerator (NETVA) program to meet the local deep tech ecosystem. Thanks to the teams of the Science and Technology Department of the French Embassy in the United States......

  • Our CSO, Maxime Feyeux, contributed to a roundtable entitled “What breakthrough innovations to develop next-generation bioproduction factories ?” organized by BPI France and Medicen in Paris on October 10th 2019, during the Innogeneration event....

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TreeFrog Therapeutics I Stem Cell Company I Cell Therapy for all

TreeFrog Therapeutics is a stem cell company based in Bordeaux, France, which aims at supporting the advent and industrial development of stem cell therapies. TreeFrog Therapeutics has developed C-Stem, a technology platform to scale-up cell therapy manufacturing. Based on high throughput stem cell encapsulation, C-Stem enables the mass production of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and  mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in bioreactors, as well as their differentiation into the desired cell type. Founded by Kevin Alessandri and Maxime Feyeux, TreeFrog Therapeutics is a startup company which aims at providing access to cell therapies for all.