TreeFrog Therapeutics mass-produces stem cells and organoids to enable the development of cell therapies for all.

Our technology

Stem Cell Mass-Production

A unique proprietary technology to boost your cell therapy from stem cells production to grafting.

Outstanding quality to support industrial cell therapies

At the heart of TreeFrog is the desire to rise up to the challenge of industrial production, without compromising quality. Maxime Feyeux’s first and foremost scientific work has been on the topic of pluripotent stem cells genomic integrity.


Our technology enables the delivery of younger cells to mitigate mutational risks. A third party quality control guarantees the genomic integrity of the cell banks we provide.


Vidéo crédit : Gaëlle Recher, CR, LP2N, 3D reconstruction, box sides 100µmX200µmX200µm (In red Oct-4, in green SSEA4 )

Stem-cell based organoids made easy

For half a decade, Treefrog’s cofounders have been working on making organoids from pluripotent stem cells derived populations. Suddenly organoids are becoming fashionable. This is good news for us and good news for you : ln addition to delivering cell banks, we are capable of mass­producing stem-cell derived organoids.


At TreeFrog we believe there is no such thing as barriers between disciplines. Physics and Biology are just beautiful words, and with beautiful words one builds beautiful worlds. Come and join us into the beautiful world of biophysical medicines.

Phase contrast  micrograph : Gaëlle Recher, CR, LP2N, scale bar 100µm

The science behind


Organoïds : A 3D printed microfluidic device for production of functionalized hydrogel microcapsules for culture and differentiation of human Neuronal Stem Cells (hNSC). Alessandri, K., Feyeux, M., Gurchenkov, B., Delgado, C., Trushko, A., Krause, K.-H., Roux, A. (2016). Lab on a Chip, 16(9), 1593–1604.


HighthroughputAll-in-one 3D printed microscopy chamber for multidimensional imaging, the UniverSlide. Alessandri, K., Andrique, L., Feyeux, M., Bikfalvi, A., Nassoy, P., & Recher, G.(2017). Scientific Reports, 7(December 2016), 42378.


ApplicationOrgan size control via hydraulically gated oscillations. Ruiz-Herrero, T., Alessandri, K., Gurchenkov, B. V., Nassoy, P., & Mahadevan, L. (2017). Development, 144(23), 4422–4427.

Latest news

  • Maxime Feyeux & Kevin Alessandri, co-founders of TreeFrog Therapeutics, attended the award ceremony of the i-LAB contest on July 5th 2018. Result : Great Prized awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation herself ! Congratulations to the other laureates....

  • We are very proud to announce that we have been awarded the 2018 I-Lab Great Prize. The I-Lab competition is organized by BPIfrance and the French ministry of research. It selects each year the best deep tech start-up. The 400.000 euros subvention will directly accelerate......

  • La Tribune wrote an article about us ! Read more...

  • Just a short video released by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation after we were awarded the special prize “Coup de Coeur” of the i-LAB innovation contest !...


Executive team


Maxime Feyeux

Co-founder, CEO
PhD, Pluripotent Stem Cell


Kevin Alessandri

Co-Founder, CTO
Phd, Biophysics Expert


Gabriel Chaigneau

Financial Officer
Partner at Bio4ward




Fabien Moncaubeig

Gene & Cell Therapy Industrialization Expert (US,EU), GMP Plateform Installation (US, EU)



Philippe Cohen

MD, PhD Candidate

Imagine institute, Paris

C.R.I. Doctoral School


Élisa Luquet

Biotechnology Engineer
Experienced in GMP/GLP environment (Fr, CH)


Justine Pletenka

Biotechnology Engineer



Scientific advisors


Pierre Nassoy

Co-Founder, PhD, Scientific counsellor,
CNRS Research Director, Biophysicist.


Erwan Bézard

Co-Founder, PhD, Scientific Counsellor, CNRS Research Director
Neurodegenrative Disease Institute Director.


Laurent Cognet

Co-Founder, PhD, Scientific Counsellor,
CNRS Research Director, Physicist.

Business advisors


Alain Gallochat

Intellectual Property Expert, Former Advisor at French Ministry of Research, Former Legal Counsel of Pasteur Institute.



Jean-Claude Muller

Innovation & International Relationship Special Advisor, Former VP R&D at Sanofi-Aventis, MEDICEN Paris region innovation for health Founding President.

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TreeFrog Therapeutics : stem cell banking services & stem cell organoids for cell therapy

TreeFrog Therapeutics is a French stem cell company aiming at supporting the advent and industrial development of stem cell therapies. Our team has developed a unique technology for stem cell culture. Tree Frog Therapeutics provides human induced pluripotent stem cells generation, amplification and banking services for research and therapeutic applications. Our human ipsc banks are provided together with third-party control data about the genomic integrity of the cells. To learn more about our custom stem cell services for research and cell therapy (iPSC generation, iPSC bank amplification, …), please contact us. As a stem cell supplier, we also deliver in vitro stem cell 3D models : stem cell organoids. Such stem cell 3D tissues are more physiologically relevant than stem cell spheroid cultures. Based on MSC or iPSC cells, our organoids are suitable for preclinical proof-of-concept studies, toxicology screening and transplantation studies in the context of regenerative medicine programmes.