The future of cell therapy is here

Powered by our C-Stem™ technology, we produce a unique 3D format microtissue for
improved efficacy and safety.

But first. What is cell therapy ?

We all started as small handful of cells and through division, differentiation and growth, we became a human body with an estimated 37.2 trillion cells with many different cell types carrying out specific functions.

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Cell Therapy holds immense promise

Cell therapy in its essence, uses the amazing power of cells to replace, repair or regenerate diseased, sick cells and damaged tissues.

In cell therapy, healthy or specially engineered cells are delivered into the body to treat or cure certain types of cancer, genetic disorders and degenerative diseases.

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Checkout a video from Kévin Alessandri on our approach to cell therapy.

Our lead program

Parkinson’s Disease

10 million sufferers worldwide

There is an urgent unmet need for better treatments as only symptomatic relief treatments exist today. A regenerative medicine approach that can replace lost neurons holds immense potential. This is what we are working towards at TreeFrog – a therapy targeting the root causes of the disease, restoring function.

Parkinson’s disease is complex and caused by the progressive loss of neurons in the brain. Diagnosis mostly happens quite late when between 60-80% of dopaminergic neurons are already lost. The disease involves dysfunction at multiple levels in the nervous system with the following symptoms :

Progressive motor symptoms

Bradykinesia, rigidity, resting tremor, postural instability.

Non-motor symptoms

Cognitive deficits, autonomic dysfunctions, and mood disorders, including anxiety and depression.

Scientific excellence

A cell therapy with a distinct format for optimal efficacy and safety

Our unique approach uses induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) that are amplified exponentially and then differentiated into dopaminergic neurons in one closed system, using a proprietary platform, C-Stem™.

In contrast with other cell therapy approaches based on the transplantation of single cells, the C-Stem™ generates 3D neural microtissues containing dopaminergic neurons that have several unique benefits in terms of efficacy, safety, and consistency.

Our program is on track for a first-in-human trial by 2026.

  • Efficacy
  • Safety
  • Consistency


It is the only product with the presence of mature neurons with proven functionality of the network assessed by motor recovery in pre-clinical models

The 3D format promotes enhanced cell survival post-transplantation and better control over the micro-environment.

Rapid, full recovery in pre-clinical models in pre-clinical models was demonstrated at sixteen weeks and sustained at eight months.


The 3D format allows for enhanced quality control and batch release is based on actual dopamine quantification.

The 3D graft integrates well in the brain.

The medical device & delivery method facilitates consistent delivery of the product and reliable dose control.


The unique C-Stem™ technology delivers 15 billion cells per batch with 98% viability confirmed through amplification.

The process has been defined with full reproducibility confirmed and the maintenance of consistent pluripotency across test batches.

The C-Stem™ is ready at commercial scale.

Our discovery program

Liver Disease

The C-Stem™ amplification technology and unique 3D microtissue format hold enormous potential for other diseases

There is a huge unmet need for an off-the-shelf hepatic microtissue that could extend waiting times for liver transplants or ensure hepatic function during liver regeneration for Acute LiverFailure.

We are currently working on a first-in-class iPS-derived cell therapy for this disease based on the following rational:

C-Stem™ can meet the need of over 5 billion cells required per patient which would require >100 billion cells per batch.

3D microtissues are suitable for the complex tissue architecture of liver needs.


Furthering our expertise with partners

We have several scientific collaborations, co-development & out-licensing agreements. We have tested and validated our technology on 8 cell types including iPSC-derived hepatocytes (liver), natural killer (NK) and cardiac cells, in addition to donor-derived T lymphocytes and NK cells.

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