C-Stem™: an end-to-end solution
based on 3D stem cell culture

Production scale-up

Our high-throughput encapsulation process enables industrial scale cell culture.


Biomimetic 3D culture system compatible with cGMP standards.

Reduced costs

Automated bioreactor culture to reduce cost of goods

Faster clinical development

One cryopreserved batch across your entire clinical study

C-Stem™ technology
The C-Stem™ process

#1 High-throughput cell encapsulation

Cells are encapsulated within an alginate shell

1 second = 5 000 encapsulations

3D biomimetic environment

c-stem microfluidic high-throughput cell encapsulation

Encapsulation captured at 6000 frames per second (250x slow).

#2 Bioreactor stem cell cultivation

Cells are protected from mechanical stress

Large batch capacity

High reproducibility & low operational costs

#3 Stem cell amplification & differenciation

Groundbreaking amplification factor (ask us ;))

Compatibility with 2D standard protocols

Easy 3D biology

scale up industrial stem cell amplification differenciation cgmp cell-therapy manufacturing bioreactor c-stem treefrog therapeutics

Neurosphere (R=65μm) grown from neuronal stem cells differentiated into mature neurons within an alginate hollow capsule decorated with matrigel (staining for the neurite-specific marker beta3tubulin). Courtesy of Kevin Alessandri and Maxime Feyeux.

cell therapy neuron graft treefrog therapeutics

2018 : World’s first mature neuron graft to treat Parkinson’s disease. Collaboration between the Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases (Erwan Bezard’s lab), the LP2N (Pierre Nassoy’s lab) and TreeFrog Therapeutics.

#4 Logistics, packaging & graft

Ready-to-use graft format

Simplified cryopreservation & storage

On-demand dissolution of the alginate capsule

Work with us

Co-development & licensing for cell therapies


Amplify stem cell banks for research purposes

Use C-Stem™ to generate new cell therapies


Feasibility studies : your protocol in C-Stem

QDB: integrated solution from production to graft


Large batch of stem cells as raw material for your therapies

Prepare cGMP production with C-Stem


Kevin Alessandri, PhD

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