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Welcome to TreeFrog Therapeutics, where innovation meets hope in the realm of cell therapy.

Our mission

Regenerative medicine is the future. We are the catalyzer to bring it into the now, working across the frontiers of physics and biology to advance cell therapies to clinical stage.

We aim to change the landscape of regenerative medicine, bringing effective cell therapies that are safe and efficient to millions of patients, through our own proprietary programs and by partnering with the best.

We are a Research & Development biotech


Cell therapies

We are a therapeutics company

We are advancing a pipeline of cell therapies in regenerative medicine. Our lead program is in Parkinson’s Disease, on track for a first-in-human trial by 2026.

The therapy has the potential to be best-in-class due to the format – a 3D microtissue – that hasunique efficacy and safety benefits such as enhanced cell survival post graft, effective dose control and superior quality control.


C-Stem™ technology

We are a technology company

We have achieved several world firsts with C-Stem™, our proprietary biomimetic technology.

C-Stem™ is a technology platform that integrates GMP compliant encapsulation capable of generating over 1,000 capsules per second. This enables the seeding of up to 10-liter bioreactors, delivering 15 billion cells in a single batch.


The result of these unique elements is that we are a company that can translate the concepts of science and physics into effective cell therapies with high efficacy and safety, already capable of producing at commercial scale.


Approach to achieving our purpose

In order to create maximum value while advancing a pipeline of cell therapies in regenerative medicine, we adapt our approach with a unique business model.

Proprietary pipeline

We are currently in the process of developing a pipeline of cell therapies to address the requirements of the most challenging diseases, with a primary program focused on Parkinson’s disease and a discovery program dedicated to liver disease.

Out-Licensing C-Stem™

Our C-Stem™ technology represents a breakthrough in the field. We are dedicated to establishing out-licensing agreements for C-Stem™ with both exclusive and non-exclusive partners in order to expedite the delivery of cell therapies to patients.

Innovating for the future

We know our technology can go further in pushing the boundaries of cell therapy development and empowering the next generation of medical breakthroughs. We are continually investing in it to remain at the forefront of innovation.

Key Figures


Froggies in the company

Working tirelessly to transform the regenerative medicine landscape.

82 million $

Raised in funds since 2018

This investment supports our pioneering stem cell research, powering the company to the future.

30 patent families

Embodying innovation in stem cell technology

We ensure cutting-edge technologies for our clients.

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