Senior Application Scientist – Cell Therapy


Global cell therapy is emerging as the most dynamic field in medicine witnessing extraordinary growth in clinical trials and market dynamics. Advocating for “Cell therapy for all”, Treefrog is aiming to make cell therapies more affordable for all patients by developing a game changer production technology while current industrial processes fail to scale up to meet the clinical needs.

Founded in 2018 in Bordeaux, Treefrog Therapeutics is based on the synergy of competences of biophysics and stem cell biology. C-Stem™, the proprietary technology of Treefrog, is a high-throughput cell encapsulation technology allowing the mass-production and differentiation of stem cells in industrial bioreactors. By 2024, Treefrog’s mission is to complete the industrialization of C-Stem™ to launch a first-in-man trial using safe and affordable therapeutic mass-produced cells.

Since its incorporation, Treefrog Therapeutics has been experiencing strong acceleration. The company raised over 10 million euros in 2019, and entered the FrenchTech120 in January 2020. The team – currently 33 persons – has moved into a brand new production facility of 1000m2 in Pessac in April 2020. TreeFrog was awarded the Galien MedStartup Prize in Boston in October 2020 for its collaboration with Harvard.



We are building an Application Scientists team that will be working at the interface of R&D, Process Dev and Business Development teams to keep expanding our pipeline and ensure good execution of external projects.

Specifically, the Application Scientist is responsible for the initial frontline technical introduction and support of Treefrog’s proprietary technology C-STEM™ in close collaboration with the business development team. The Application Scientist is an expert of C-STEM™ technology, working at both R&D and Production side keeping with the latest innovation and project development. She/he is coordinating and managing external projects to guaranty execution success. Internally, the Application Scientist also acts as the “voice of the field” by bringing together market dynamics insights and early therapeutical trends.


Your missions


  1. Internal pipeline feeding:


  • Supporting lead qualification in close collaboration with the Business Development Team
  • Introducing Treefrog’s Technology as first point of technical contact
  • Supporting interactions with partner’s technical teams to better understand processes, project goals, and applications
  • Representing Treefrog at international events and during congresses
  • Actively participating in cell and gene therapy market understanding, through business, technical & scientific intelligence



  1. Project conception and Management of R&D collaborations: 


  • Evaluating partner project feasibility in collaboration with internal R&D and Production
  • Elaborating experimental plan consistently with external partner
  • Setting objectives and requirements accordingly to internal resources and capacities
  • Drawing associated budget
  • Participating in every stage (contracting, IP, business…) of collaboration/partnering development
  • Project planning and management: managing relationship with partner, ensuring project meet deadlines, resource allocation…
  • Teams coordination potentially including preliminary experiments/tech transfer that could take place at Treefrog’s Process Development lab, or at partner sites
  • Providing continuous scientific guidance and lab support, by jointly reviewing and analyzing partner project results following technology deployment, to adjust the experimental plan and project scope accordingly



  1. C-STEM™ technology field international deployment: 


  • Coordinating C-Stem™ platform Tech transfer to collaborator sites (Start-up check list review, Training planification) with all stakeholders (partner, other service providers, internal team)
  • Training operators and scientists to hands-on and theoretical concepts of the C-Stem™ platform
  • Providing continuous technical support and trouble shoot application and operation
  • Filling and editing appropriate documentation / reporting tools: punch lists, start-up check list, experiment plan templates, training agendas…


Tasks global allocation: 


First 6 months – learning phase (based in Bordeaux): 50% Lab / 50% Project Management and business dev technical support

After 6 months : 75% Project Management and punctual R&D lab (for support or refresh) / 25% Business



This position can be filled by scientific or engineering profiles as long as they have the relevant experience and will to learn. A past experience as international application Scientist would indeed be very valuable.



PhD or Master degree in Life Science or Engineering – 2 to 10 years in the Bioprocess or Stem Cell field.


Knowledge, experience and know-how


Mandatory skills:

  • Bioprocess, cell culture and bioreactor expertise are required
  • Experience in stem cell culture and characterization
  • Project management skills and experience in using project management tools


Would also be considered as strong assets:

  • Experience in the field of cell therapy in a customer facing position
  • Knowledge of biotechnology manufacturing processes and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
  • Knowledge or understanding of the regulatory environment of clinical development


Language requirement:

  • Proficient in English
  • An additional language would be useful


Soft skills

Culturally agile to adjust to various world regions, you are comfortable with written and verbal communication with customers and public audience. You also have demonstrated excellent time management and organizational skills.



Treefrog is a recent biotechnology startup – with strong values (#Do, #Trust, #Be bold, #Commit, #Enjoy). We truly appreciate problem solving mindsets, scientific curiosity and ability to get out of one’s skill comfort zone, quick learning abilities




  • Company location is: 30 avenue Gustave Eiffel – 33600 PESSAC – FRANCE
  • This position will involve up to 50% travel to North America, Japan and EU.
  • Legal status and salary package will be adjusted to the profile.


Thank you for applying at:, with the reference: 2021 – FAS – 01